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American Walnut Flooring



American Walnut is a wood with moderate hardness. The color difference between its sapwood and heartwood is very pronounced, which results in significant variations in color and grain between boards.

Walnut shows minimal color variation when exposed to intense light. Unlike other species, walnut tends to lighten over time.

Mahogany Flooring



A fine and even textured hardwood with a dark reddish brown color. The surface can have a medium to high luster. Its strength and outstanding durability proves to be the wood species of choice.

Bamboo Flooring



Bamboo flooring is an Eco-friendly building product and is available in various styles. All of our bamboo flooring products are first quality and meet the highest industry manufacturing standards.

Bamboo flooring is a renewable and durable alternative to standard hardwood products.

Oak Flooring



Oak flooring tends to be neutral, durable, and offers easy installation and is one of the most popular hardwoods. Red and white oak hardwoods are the most common, and each is characterized by an even appearance. Red oak is uniformly a light reddish shade, and white oak is tan, white, or cream-colored.

Maple Flooring



Maple flooring has the capability to brighten any room! Maple floors are exceptionally beautiful, fine-textured, tough and dent resistant. Because of Maple's durability, it has been the flooring choice for high traffic spaces such as bowling alleys, dance floors, and schools just to name a few.

Parquet Flooring



Parquet flooring is a creation of wood mosaics commonly used in hardwood flooring. Once used exclusively in the royal houses and high class estates of French nobility, this ornamental flooring has become a hardwood floor standard in many homes and offices today. The beauty of parquet floors can be enhanced with stains and smooth finishes. Parquet floors are available in prefinished and unfinished white or red.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring



Brazilian Walnut flooring depicts a very beautiful chocolate color. The color and natural graininess offers a breathtaking look that fills any room with a warm feeling.

Herringbone Flooring



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